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Your attitude is the medicine I needed.


Your loving sure-footedness helped me map the path I want to create so my reader feels welcome. Where my writing had leapt in and out of hiding, you brought the real me out to dance the path into existence, reassuring this writer and my readers alike: we know the way home.


From shame. Into love.

Briana Jacoba

Faded Shapes

From Class Surveys

Tünde creates a warm, open and caring environment in her class, which allows the writing to bloom. The process of contemplative writing is transformative. With Tünde's guidance, it's allowed me to finally establish a writing practice rather than just dreaming of being a writer.

The candid, authentic tone made the class accessible and relaxing. Little pearls of wisdom about your experiences with writing were super helpful in helping me overcome writer’s block.
Tünde was direct in her feedback.  That is very helpful.   Also, encouraging, and I like the two  methods of feedback used by the group.  Both methods were effective in providing affirmation to new writers.
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