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How It Works

Contemplative writing is a powerful writing practice based in mindfulness meditation.

Contemplative writing practice allows your true voice to emerge.

The practice of contemplative writing helps you write what's in your mind and in your heart, from moment to moment. You never need to be “blocked” or lacking something to write about. When you don’t know what to say, you can simply write “I don’t know what to say,” and move on from there. 

As you make friends with your mind and write what you find there without judgement, it gets easier to write what you see, to write your raw truth, fresh and immediate and brave.

Over time, this process allows your unique writing voice to emerge.


Contemplative writing practice is both simple and profound: Meditate, settle the mind. Write your first thoughts as they come to you.


Sometimes you read to others. Not for critique, judgement, or evaluation of the “quality” of the writing, and not for advice about how to make it “better.” Just quiet, deep listening.


When we come together, we hold what we’ve done with care, in a container of compassion, trust and heart. We listen deeply and carefully, not just with our ears but with our hearts. We hold each other in sacred space as we write and, if we choose to share, as we read. This container provides us with the safety that allows us to write the truth as we know it, with courage and honesty, knowing we will never be judged.


Both classes and individual sessions help you create a writing practice that you can do on your own. The shape of this practice is up to you: maybe you want to write at home once a week for five minutes at a time. Or every day for twenty minutes at a coffee shop or park. Or you switch it up.


Treat this as an experiment and you can be curious about what actually works for you. You can settle on a practice that feels doable for you, not what you think you "should" be doing. Less is more. 


What works for you may change over time. That's okay too. You’re building a structure with flexibility, a strong but permeable container for your writing.

Writing on Her Journal
When you show up for your writing, 
your writing shows up for you.
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