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Sanctifying the Ordinary

Sanctification: making sacred.

Sacred is an anagram for scared. We are often scared of the sacred.

We are scared because we have not been taught how to see ourselves as sacred, how to be sacred, only how to worship what we are told is sacred. We are told that certain things, certain places, certain activities, are sacred. And that is not wrong, as far as it goes.

But it doesn’t go far enough. Sacred doesn’t stop at the things, the place, the activities, the people, we believe to be sacred. But this we never learn, and so we are afraid, scared of the sacred, because sacred is “other” and we don’t feel worthy. Sacred is more holy than we are, because sacred is also perfect. With all our imperfection, we can’t see ourselves as holy, so we believe we are not, and we stay small.

But we are also sacred. They don’t tell us this. We have to find out for ourselves, usually the hard way. But we are indeed holy.

We are holy vessels through which the sacred flows like molten ambrosia through our veins, ambrosia a gift from the gods, the drink of the divine, the gods sipping ambrosia from our veins because it is we who are the holy ones. And the gods know this.

We have it all backwards.

We can sanctify this moment, and the next moment, and the next moment after that. When we ardently sanctify our everyday, ordinary life, one moment at a time, we make ourselves sacred. And our sacredness is like a pebble dropped in a pond, ripples of holiness, scattering over the water, making everything around us sacred too. We just have to see it.

God is not out there somewhere. Holiness runs like ambrosia through my veins and yours. Holiness is our birthright.

And so I sanctify my day, my ordinary quiet day, with peace and ritual, with space around my holy self.

I sanctify this day with my undivided attention, moment by moment by moment.

#mindfulness #selfcompassion #spirit

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