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Nov-Dec 2023 - Contemplative Writing

6 weeks - pay from the heart $75-$250

  • Starts Nov 4

Service Description

Contemplative writing: meditation meets writing, on the page. Healing begins here. Six weeks starting November 4. Five weekly classes plus an online retreat day. Five weeks of writing your heart out, with writers of all levels. Learn to listen deeply, resist less, and write more. Find your writing voice by writing your truth just as you hear it in your mind. Follow your mind wherever it takes you, meet it on the page. Learn about the power of sharing writing with others. We don't critique or give advice. We just listen. I know. It still sounds terrifying. So reading your work is always optional. But it's highly recommended. You might be surprised at how much you learn about your writing when you read it out loud. And when you listen to others read. And the sixth week, we spend all day Saturday in retreat space. Starting at 10 AM Eastern, ending at 6 PM, we alternate between periods of group time online and solo time, with online periods of no more than 1.5 hours at a time. PRICING is "pay from the heart." I invite you to sit with the numbers and let your heart be your guide to choosing a price that feels right to you, taking into account the value you hope to gain from the class in the context of your financial circumstances. The requested range is $75-$250. The sustainable rate for me is $200 and the minimum requested is $75. The pricing is set up in $25 increments, for technical reasons. If you need or want to pay a different amount, let me know and I'll make you a separate link. If you're able to pay more, thank you! You'll be helping someone who has to pay less. If you have to pay less, know that someone else will pay more to balance things out for me. We accept credit cards and PayPal. Canadians can also do bank transfers.

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