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In response to “Negative Emotions Are Key to Well-Being”

I’m doing something a little different today to honour my (recent) commitment to post on Thursdays: reposting something I posted on facebook, about an article by the psychotherapist and researcher Tori Rodriguez that was originally published way back in 2013 but seems more relevant to me than ever. Here’s the article:

And my comments:

YES! YES! YES! I love this: “Thoughts are just thoughts, feelings are just feelings.” Yes! They come and go. We don’t have to get absorbed in them and we don’t have to cover them up, or crank up any “positive thinking” to get through them, work through them, get out the other side, whatever. All we need to do is…wait. My experience is that when I am fully present to exactly what is happening right now, when I truly pay close attention, I begin to notice that what initially looks like a solid mass of depression, anger, sadness, craving, whatever, is actually much more complex, more like “depressed, so so depressed, ooo, look, a happy thought! Depressed, sad, mad, oooo, look, a funny thought!” And soon, when I turn my full attention to the sad/mad/whatever, it actually gets bored and goes away. (Before you say it, I’m NOT talking about clinical depression, which is a completely different ball of wax. I’m only talking about day-to-day blues.)

#mindfulness #OnKindnessPractice

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