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Do you have a story to tell but can't seem to find the words?

Or maybe it's not exactly a "story." Maybe it's a report you need to write. Or blog posts or essays or emails.

It's not that you don't know what to say. You do.
Your ideas flow easily when you talk about it.
But you go to write it down and ... nothing.
You freeze.
Some people call this "writer's block."

What if it's not "writer's block"?
What if there's no such thing?

What if the thing that's holding you back isn't a block at all?


What if it's just that you have so many ideas coming at you at once that you can't keep up? Like a popcorn maker when all the kernels start popping at once? Or maybe your experience is something like mine: it feels like my trains of thought keep derailing and colliding, and after a few minutes of staring at the screen trying to get something written, the inside of my mind feels like a train wreck.

No wonder it's so hard to organize your thoughts! 

You don't know where to start. Or how to start. And your restless mind just won't settle.

Yet you keep trying. Oh, how you try.

You've tried forcing yourself to write, with "discipline" that looks something like this: You march yourself over to your writing spot and sit yourself in your chair and you stay there until something gets written. That never works. But you keep trying.

This takes so much effort that it's physically painful to sit down and write.

To top it off, every time the words finally do start flowing to the page, there's this snarky voice in your head giving you (unsolicited) "advice": 

  • Who do you think you are?

  • Your story isn't very interesting. Nobody would ever want to read it.

  • You can't say that!

  • You're a stinky writer. You should give up and go do something useful.

Ugh. That would make anybody want to give up!

But what if the critical voice in your head is wrong?

What if you can say that? What if your story is interesting and people would read it, and anyways, you need to tell it?

What if you just write, without thinking about whether it's "any good" or censoring yourself before your words ever get to the page? Without giving a single thought to grammar, punctuation or spelling? Without worrying about whether you're a stinky writer?

What if you could get your words on the page with less stress and more success?

What if you don't have to suffer? 

Hi! I'm Dee.

For over 30 years, I’ve helped people learn about writing, in small group settings and individual coaching sessions.

I especially love helping people quiet their restless mind and find their writing voice through the powerful practice of contemplative writing.

What's that, you ask?

Contemplative writing is a unique and powerful writing practice that brings mindfulness and writing together on the page.

Find out what it's like to write for the sheer joy of seeing what emerges.
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You could start now.

Yes, right now.

With these 3 simple steps:

2. Start a timer.
3. Write without stopping.

You can find a bit more guidance in my one-page guide to writing mindfully.

You can download it as a PDF here (it's free):